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Computing is fundamentally about solving problems with tech.

With Computing, you can impact the lives of millions through your work.

Design the latest smartphones, create software that enable films to come to life, or improve the quality of healthcare using big data insights…the sky’s the limit.


The syllabus in NUS Computing is progressive and allows you space to explore your interests. I found myself enjoying software development much more than I initially expected, especially the sense of "eureka" when you fix a bug or discover a new feature.

Ian Leck, Information Systems


Learn more about our undergraduate degree programmes at NUS Computing, and find the right programme for you.

Pursue your education without worrying about the cost.

We offer scholarships and financial aid to help fund your studies here.

While academic results are important, it isn’t the only criteria — character, leadership potential, creativity and innovation are some of the criteria considered as well.

The most common question we get from potential freshmen is whether prior programming experience is required. I believe all you need is an open mind to think differently, as well as a bit of resilience, to do well.

Jason Yip, Business Analytics

It's not all work and no play.

Student life here is more than just about academics — our students play as hard as they work.

From game development interest groups to serving the community with technology, there’s something for everyone here in NUS Computing.

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