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Solve business problems with data, models and tools.

Our Business Analytics programme will equip you with the skills and knowledge to uncover key insights from big data using statistics, analytics and computing.

With a background in Business Analytics, you can find a niche in almost any industry—from IT consultancies and web marketing agencies, to government bureaus and leading startups.

Why is Business Analytics under Computing?

Our Business Analytics programme is not just about business and statistics — you will learn how to use computing to analyse data for insights.

Analytics Programmes in NUS
Business Administration
(Business Analytics specialisation)
Data &
Business Analytics
Data & Statistics
Data Science and Analytics
& Statistics
A sneak peek of what you could be
Web Analyst
at AC Nielsen

Analyse online consumer behaviour and make recommendations to improve overall business performance and search visibility.

IT Business Analyst
at Citibank Singapore

Perform analysis of financial data, conduct User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and troubleshoot any functional issues encountered.

Monetization Analyst
at Facebook

Analyse consumer data to draw insights and make strategic recommendations to drive customer acquisition and retention.

Business Analyst
at Deloitte Analytics

Develop and monitor data quality metrics and help organisations achieve goals through forecasting, budgeting and financial analysis.

Market Research Analyst
at Singtel

Compile, analyse, and interpret marketing research data to identify problems and propose system solutions to meet business needs.

Data Scientist
at Singapore Press Holdings

Analyse readership, content and advertising data, and derive insights to develop better tailored content for readers.

and many more!

Business Analytics is the perfect degree for anyone interested in Statistics, Business, Computing, and of course, using data to create change.

We are taught how to wrangle with big data, develop machine learning models, and then translate them into powerful business insights. I hope to use data to solve real world problems and improve businesses.

Tan Zhe Hao, Business Analytics

A quick glance at our Business Analytics programme
IS Specialisations.png

Financial Analytics

Marketing Analytics

Machine Learning-based Analytics (New & pending approval)

IS Programme Electives.png
Programme Electives


Machine Learning, Social Media Network Analysis, Data-Driven Marketing, Blockchain, etc.

IS Foundations.png
Core Modules


Programming Methodology, Business Analytics, Data Management & Visualisation, Calculus, etc.

IS Industry.png
Practical Experience

Internship and Capstone Project

Embark on full-time and part-time internships, develop analytics solutions for real-world clients.

IS Professionalism.png

Ethics, Communication and Management

Leadership, Communication, Project Management, Ethics

Build a strong foundation in Computing and Analytics.

Learn the basics in our introductory modules on topics such as Mathematics, Statistics, Finance, Marketing, Decision Science, Computer Science and Information Systems.

Sampler of Modules

CS1010S Programming Methodology
MA1521 Calculus for Computing
CS2040 Data Structures & Algorithms
BT2102 Data Management and Visualisation
BT2101 Decision Making Methods & Tools
ST2334 Probability & Statistics
Pursue your interests with our programme electives.

With our wide variety of electives, you have the flexibility to explore areas such as Business Applications, Analytics Methods, and Technology Implementation, or choose to go deep in one of these three areas.

Business Applications
Analytics Methods
Technology Implementation
Deepen your expertise with a specialisation.

Interested in Financial Analytics, Marketing Analytics, or Machine Learning-based Analytics? Take on a specialisation to increase your proficiency in these leading areas.

Gain real-world experience with our internship programmes.

Sharpen your skills outside of the classroom by embarking on one or more internships. Whether it's a multinational company based locally or a startup overseas, there's a wide variety of options for you to choose.

Types of Internships

6-months non-graded internship
6-months graded internship (paired)
Up to a year with NUS Overseas Colleges
...and more.

Work with external organisations in our industry-linked modules. Complete a real-world business analytics project from start to finish.

Delve into the ethical, social and legal issues of computing. Sharpen your communication skills as an IT professional.

A wide variety of options to choose from
Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics (with Honours*)
Double Degree Programmes

Go one step further and graduate with two Bachelor's degrees from different disciplines.

Business Analytics & Business Administration
Business Analytics & Economics
Bachelor's & Double Master's Degree Programme

Graduate with a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in NUS while spending two years in a French Grandes Écoles.

Business Analytics, Master of Computing & French Grandes Écoles Diplôme d’Ingénieur
Double Majors & Minors (Direct Entry)

Broaden your knowledge and perspectives with a second major or minor.

Business Analytics & second major in Economics
Business Analytics & second major in Mathematics
Business Analytics & second major in Statistics
Business Analytics & minor in Economics
Business Analytics & minor in Entrepreneurship
Business Analytics & minor in Information Security
Business Analytics & minor in Real Estate
Business Analytics & minor in Financial Mathematics
Business Analytics & minor in Statistics
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