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Solve systems, application and network security problems.

Our Information Security programme will equip you with the skills and knowledge to secure and safeguard computer systems.

Learn to identify vulnerabilities in systems, develop security protocols, and respond to attempted breaches.

With cyber-attacks on the rise every day, information security is a fast-growing field that will only become more in-demand as organisations realise the urgent need to keep their systems safe.

A sneak peek of what you could be
Forensic Investigator
at Visa

Perform investigations on compromised card payment data and identify new cybercrime threats to the payments ecosystem.

Computer Security Researcher
at DSO National Laboratories

Conduct cybersecurity research in the latest embedded systems technologies to assess security threats, vulnerabilities and risks.

Cyber Analyst
at OCBC Bank

Run penetration testing of different systems and security programs to detect vulnerabilities and ensure proper defences are put in place.

Malware Analyst
at GovTech

Examine suspicious programs to determine the presence of malicious codes and provide recommendations against threats.

Security Consultant
at IBM

Design and implement security solutions that meet the business requirements and needs of clients.

Security Software Engineer
at Centre for Strategic Infocomm Technologies (CSIT)

Develop defence tools to counter cyber threats and refine existing strategies to enhance security.

and many more!

One of the key traits of technology is that it is ever-changing. However, this means that the risks associated with it will also evolve to become more sophisticated.

In Information Security, we are taught the foundations of how systems work, their associated vulnerabilities, and the strategies to counter them. Security plays a crucial role to prevent malicious exploitations and I hope to help improve our world in this regard.

Pearlissa Taim, Information Security

A quick glance at our Information Security programme
ISC Foundation 1.png
Computer Science & Information Security


4 Information Security Courses

2 other Courses

ISC Foundation.png
Information Security


Attack & Defense Techniques, IT Risk Management, Capstone Project

ISC Foundation.png
Computing & Mathematics


Programming, Algorithms, Databases, Networking, Operating Systems, Calculus, Probability, etc.

ISC Industry Experience.png
Industry Experience

Wide range of Internship programmes

Take a 6-month long internship (or two 3-month stints) either locally or overseas

ISC Professionalism.png

Ethics and Communication

Learn the ethical, social and legal issues of computing, etc.

Build a strong foundation in Information Security.

Learn the basics in our introductory courses on topics such as programming, algorithms, networking, operating systems, and computer organisation. 


Take courses in Mathematics and Science to reinforce your knowledge in Information Security.

Sampler of Courses

Programming Methodology
Data Structures and Algorithms
Software Engineering & Object-Oriented Programming
Discrete Structures
Computer Organisation
Introduction to Computer Networks
Deepen your expertise with our Information Security Courses.

Increase your proficiency in Information Security by taking on our specially designed security focused courses.

Introduction to Information Security
Information Security Capstone Project
Computer Security
Information Security Management
Pursue your interests with our programme electives.

With our wide variety of electives, you have the flexibility to explore areas such as Software and Systems Security, Data Protection, and Information Security Management, or choose to delve deeper into a particular topic.

Gain real-world experience with our internship programmes.

Sharpen your skills outside of the classroom by embarking on one or more internships. Whether it's a multinational company based locally or a startup overseas, there's a wide variety of options for you to choose.

Types of Internships

6-months non-graded internship
Two 3-months non-graded internships
6-months graded internship (paired)
Three internship stints in the same company
Up to a year with NUS Overseas Colleges
...and more.

Learn how information security issues influence the law from an NUS Law professor.

Delve into the ethical, social and legal issues of data privacy and information security. Sharpen your communication skills as an IT professional.

A wide variety of options to choose from
Bachelor of Computing in Information Security (with Honours*)

*subject to meeting requirements

Bachelor's & Double Master's Degree Programme

Graduate with a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in NUS while spending two years in a French Grandes Écoles.

Information Security, Master of Computing & French Grandes Écoles Diplôme d’Ingénieur
Double Majors & Minors (Direct Entry)

Broaden your knowledge and perspectives with a second major or minor.

Information Security & second major in Mathematics
Information Security & second major in Statistics
Information Security & minor in Entrepreneurship
Information Security & minor in Management
Information Security & minor in Financial Mathematics
Information Security & minor in Mathematics
Information Security
& minor in Statistics
Learn more about our Information Security programme:
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