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Solve real-world problems with algorithms and software.

Our Computer Science programme will equip you with the theoretical knowledge and skills to develop cutting edge applications and software.

Whether you wish to pursue a career in big data, become an Artificial Intelligence (AI) expert, design the latest Virtual Reality game, or create the next big mobile app, our degree in Computer Science prepares you for a tech career in practically any industry of your choice.

How is Computer Science different from Computer Engineering?

Computer Science students spend most of their time working on algorithms and software, while Computer Engineering students also work on electronics and hardware.

A sneak peek of what you could be
Software Engineer
at Google

Develop next-generation tech that could change how users connect, explore and interact with information and one another.

Full Stack Developer
at DBS Bank

Create innovative tools and applications to improve user experiences and strengthen the organisation's IT infrastructure.

Machine Learning Engineer
at Grab

Solve challenging problems in transport, logistics, and space with the latest machine learning and deep learning techniques.

Game Security Engineer
at Ubisoft

Enrich the gameplay experience by developing security solutions for popular game systems like Assassin's Creed and more.

Data Scientist
at Shopee

Empower key business processes by converting massive amounts of data into meaningful business insights.

Start-up Founder
of your own company

Transform your innovative ideas into something real by starting a company of your own.

and many more!

I chose to pursue a degree in Computer Science as I believed that it would provide me with the necessary tools and platform to continuously adapt to today's rapidly changing world.

Despite having no prior background, my love for solving problems has allowed me to fit right in at NUS Computing.

Jothi Pillay, Computer Science

A quick glance at our Computer Science programme
CS Focus Area 1.png
Computer Science

Breadth & Depth

Choose a Focus Area and

Complete a Computer Systems Team Project

Computer Science Foundation.png
Computer Science


Programming, Algorithms, Networking, Operating Systems, Computer Organisation, etc.

mathematics and science foundation.png
Mathematics & Science


Calculus, Linear Algebra, Statistics and Probability, etc.

cs internship.png
Industry Experience

Wide range of Internship programmes

Take a 6-month long internship (or two 3-month stints) either locally or overseas

CS IT Professionalism.png

Ethics and Communication

Learn the ethical, social and legal issues of computing, etc.

Build a strong foundation in Computer Science.

Learn the basics in our introductory courses on topics such as programming, algorithms, networking, operating systems, and computer organisation. 


Take courses in Mathematics and Science to reinforce your knowledge in Computer Science.

Sampler of Courses

 Programming Methodology
Data Structures and Algorithms
Software Engineering & Object-Oriented Programming
Discrete Structures
Computer Organisation
Introduction to Computer Networks
Choose from one of ten focus areas to enhance your skill set.

With our wide variety of electives, you have the flexibility to explore multiple areas of Computing or choose to delve into one of these ten focus areas.

Gain real-world experience with our internship programmes.

Sharpen your skills outside of the classroom by embarking on one or more internships. Whether it's a multinational company based locally or a startup overseas, there's a wide variety of options for you to choose.

Types of Internships

6-months non-graded internship
Two 3-months non-graded internships
6-months graded internship (paired)
Up to a year with NUS Overseas Colleges
...and more.

Complete a software project, or large-scale complex systems project, from start to finish.

Delve into the ethical, social and legal issues of computing. Sharpen your communication skills as an IT professional.

A wide variety of options to choose from
Bachelor of Computing in Computer Science (with Honours*)

*subject to meeting requirements

Double Degree Programmes

Go one step further and graduate with two Bachelor's degrees from different disciplines.

Computer Science & Business Administration/Accountancy**
Computer Science & Double Degree with another NUS Faculty

**subject to meeting GPA requirements after first year

Concurrent Degree Programmes

Complete a Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree at the same time and within a shorter timeframe.

Computer Science & Master's in Management (NUS Business School)
Bachelor's & Double Master's Degree Programme

Graduate with a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in NUS while spending two years in a French Grandes Écoles.

Computer Science, Master of Computing & French Grandes Écoles Diplôme d’Ingénieur
Double Majors & Minors (Direct Entry)

Broaden your knowledge and perspectives with a second major or minor.

Computer Science & second major in Mathematics
Computer Science & second major in Statistics
Computer Science & minor in Interactive Media Development
Computer Science & minor in Entrepreneurship
Computer Science & minor in Management
Computer Science & minor in Mathematics
Computer Science & minor in Statistics
Learn more about our Computer Science programme:
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